Welcome to MyYoganess!

My Yoganess is a yoga studio in Älmhult. We offer a warm, open and personal environment and share yoga in smaller groups. We hold the space for you to meet your self and explore your yoganess - what yoga is to you and what you want it to be! We offer weekly classes, workshops and individual yoga guide sessions for you who want personal guidance to go deeper into your practice.


For us yoga is a way to strech & strengthen our bodies and minds and also path to increased self-awareness and personal growth. Every day it supports us to again and again relax into the fact that I do not have to become anything. I am ok - here and now in this moment. It helps us to remember that inside resides the most beautiful diamond. All the facetts of my juwel - all my "nesses" are already within me. Like seeds of possibility that will grow as I through my practice see them, bring them to light and nurture them.


Come as you are and be who you are! Wear comfortable clothes and bring your own yoga mat or borrow from us. As many people in this global village of Älmhult come from cross the world, we teach in english.


Looking forward to meet you soon!

Åsa Rexare Simonsen & Erik Simonsen

Our yoga

I would like to describe my approach to yoga as 'interdiciplinary'. I blend and integrate what I have learned from different teachers and yoga traditions. My foundation is hatha yoga and I have teahcer training in Sama yoga, Yin yoga, Nosara vinyasa and Self awakening yoga. 


When I share my yoga I integrate physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Each yoga class is different as we adapt the class to the needs of the group and also depending on the time of year to balance with the natural flow of nature. The class always start from a clear intention and then flow intuitively from the heart of the teacher - relaxed, open and present, responding to what emerges in the room. The aim is always to offer the yoga class in a way that honors you as a student and let you feel comfortable, being yourself the whole way through. For those that want to I also offer hands on assists to guide alignment and deepen the postures.


As we deepen our practice, yoga can transform from a physical practice to a deeper journey, helping us to see holding patterns expressed in our bodies as tension and pain and also helping us to reflect on how these patterns shows up in our behaviour and choices. Yoga can help you to break free from this suffering and establish new, healthy habits. 

Åsa Rexare: Yoga is a dance with myself and life!

_MG_5147.jpgI have practiced yoga in different forms since 2000. About seven years ago, when I faced a period of challenging times in my life, my yoga practice deepened and matured into a spiritual journey and path to personal development. It changed from a physical practice to a more conscious choice of values and lifestyle. 


By choosing a yogic lifestyle my life has started to transform. We live in a world where where striving is more important than accepting. And for me, as I think for many people today, my active, achieving and striving qualities was too dominant. In yoga I found a way to balance and awaken new facets of myself. For the first time I took time to be with my stillness and listen inwards. Practicing to accept myself as I am, not needing for things to be different than how they are, take myself out of judgement and blame. Simply be more at peace. It is an ongoing journey that I step by step integrate to all aspects of my life, not only on the yoga mat.


If I need to put a 'label' on the yoga I love to share I would call it

'interdiciplinary', as I draw from different traditions and inspirations.


I have 700 hours of teacher training in Sama yoga (hatha), Yin yoga, Nosara vinyasa and Self awakening yoga therapeutics. I adapt the intention and theme of my class to the season in nature, to the time of day and to the participants in the room. I love to teach from a clear intention and then let my intuition guide me into the postures that wants to flow. My background is also as a dance teacher for over 15 years, teaching jazz and street dance to kids, beginners and more advanced students. I SO love the creative aspect of teaching. I love to set the stage for the experince during a yoga class. Setting a theme, choosing music and creating a seamless flow of asanas that support the inner experience for all students. To me yoga is a dance with myself and with life!