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Yin Immersion Sunday w47

Sunday w47 at 14.00 - 17.00 we offer a possibility for a deep dive into your being. Welcome to un-plug to recharge and reset. A loving blend of Yin, Self awakening yoga, breath, meditation and deep relaxation. 350 kr. Sign up: info@myyoganess.se.

  • Yoga is a my privileged "me-time". It is about balancing my body and my mind, re-discovering every time how good it is to be in my place, to be who I am today. It gives me a bright perspective of life and the energy to live it at my best. My whole family gets benefits of my yoga time: I am more serene, more loving and caring; a better mother, a better partner... and not the least, I so much appreciate the beautiful surrounding for our sessions: the fresh and cosy room,  the trees behind the windows, sun, sky, birdsongs, clouds, moon and stars, they all contribute to one of my essential weekly moments! Thanks for being at the source of so much good!

  • Jag yoga hos dig för att vägen dit är så vacker, för rummet - ljuset är underbart, för att jag känner mig smidigare i kroppen och jag får ett lugn.

  • Yoga to me is the ability to see the truth clearly and to rid one's self of maja (illusion).  I was also told that  "Yoga is the science and the art of self liberation through self understanding" and as I go through life I find this quote to be more and more true. "Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth." Ludwig Börne

  • In a world that spins faster and faster, with an never ending load of demands and must do's, attending Åsa's yoga classes has helped me find the needed balance. A balance that makes me function not only at work but more so as a mother and wife. It is pure serenity!

  • För mig är yogan en tid/ plats att samla kraft och mina tankar, hitta mig själv, öppna upp mitt sinne som då kan visa vilken väg jag ska ta härnäst. Här känner jag mig fri, en känsla jag försöker plocka med mig ut från yogan i mitt dagliga liv. Älskar den underbara mixen av fysisk och mental träning! Jag plockar det som träffar mig bäst där och då!

  • What I have learnt during yoga classes has helped me enormously. I found comfort in the mental teachings especially after becoming a mother by exercising stillness, acceptance and the ability of observing feelings and thoughts; this has made me more relaxed and thus more capable of caring for my own child.

  • Yoga with Åsa and Anders makes me balanced, focused and stand tall :) in my body and in life!

  • The lessons with you are various - one day the flow is very physical and energised. Then it make me think: "whatever comes in my live Im here to take it " and that belief is staying with me during the day long... Other days the flow is slow, gentle and calming - which allow me to feel my body, my breath and enjoy everything around. Knowing that every time yoga with you add more than before, open a new door in me, make me think deeper, make my body stronger, calm down my mind, relax my breath ...make me come back again and again with pleasure. Sometimes it can bring out old, forgotten, painful feelings that need to be released. But it is easier to let them go because you talk about the unknown, you share learning/experience/feelings/ambitions about some situations in your live which I value a lot. I have been part of your short and long yogaworkshops  where I enjoy even more, because they are combination of all above and a lot more.

  • I won't exaggerate if I say that your yoga classes helped me to change my life for the better. In your yoga classes and workshops I found inspiration, serenity, life guidelines, fruits for thoughts, simple wisdom,  great ideas and new facets of life outside and myself inside. I love the warm atmosphere you create in the room. It makes so easy to open up and share. Your words touch me deeply, you find your way to my soul. I can laugh and cry of your words. But every time I feel so much alive and close to myself first of all. I like the exercises, but your yoga class is so much more! It's like new life energy opening. :)