Workshop series: Deepen your yogic lifestyle

cd20c6561b767671e22046c38c81941d.jpgDuring 2016/17 we will offer a series of five workshops where we share practices and understanding on how to deepen a yogic lifestyle, weaving the yoga principles into your everyday life. The foundation of the workshops is Yoga of Recovery, which integrates the wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and traditional recovery tools (12-step programs).


Yoga of Recovery was developed from a passion to support people in recovery from self-destructive behaviours and addiction. But the wisdom of Yoga of Recovery is serving everyone, and in these workshops we will take a broader perspective.


Most of us have habits and patterns of behavoiur that is not serving us. Some even self-destructive or addictive tendencies. And we are all 'in recovery' at some point in our lives. Yes, we can recover from addiction, codependency, workaholism, sex/love addiction and eating disorders. But also from depression, stress/burnout, anxiety, grief, self-harm and illness. We recover from having our hearts broken, from losing our marriages, our homes, or our jobs.

These workshops are for anyone that wants to learn more about how to live a more conscious and connected life and wants support to establish new habits in the everyday, supporting vitality, sweetness and love.

It is possible to join for one or more workshops, or sign up for the total series. If we have a group of people that wants to join all or many of the sessions, we would love to create a online forum where we can support eachother in between the workshops.


Each workshop is from 07.00 - 16.00. We share 1-2 yoga classes, meditation + theory and exercises on the topic for the workshop. Price includes light breakfast, vegetarian lunch, tea and snacks.

For participants that are currently working a traditional recovery program, we will offer to make parallells to the 12-steps. If requested we can also hold an open 12-step meeting after the workshop ends. Please let us know if you are interested in this when you sign up.


Sign up by sending an email to
Payment: 1000 kr/workshop or 4500 kr if you sign up for all five.


1) Introduction to Yoga of Recovery (Sunday October 2d)
In this first workshop we will share the context and foundation to Yoga of Recovery. Some of the content will be:
- A holistic view on well-being: the root cause of dis-ease is forgetting our true nature as spirit
- Gunas: my psycho-spiritual constitution/condition of mind and the impact on my well-being (Ayurveda)
- Doshas: my physical constitution and the impact on my well-being (Ayurveda)
- Overview of the 6 Tenets of Yoga of Recovery
- Parallels to 12-step programs (for participants interested)


2) Life is Longing + Life is Relationship (Saturday November 26th)
Life is Longing: We are all drawn to understand the truth of our own innate nature, and most people at some point in their life starts to long for connection to/unity with something bigger than themselves. In this workshop we will explore this spiritual longing and personal ways to express and nurture this - in whatever form that speaks to our hearts.

Life is Relationship: From the moment we are born, we depend on other people to survive and thrive. Our need of Belonging is maybe the deepest of all. Much of the pain and dis-ease in our life revolves around relationship challenges. And many of our deep held habits and behaviours are most triggered in relationship to the people closest to us. If we mix up Longing and Belonging, we project the need for unity onto another human being and try to find ultimate happiness in that relationship, and we get disappointed again and again.

In this workshop we will deepen practices to experience Union and Belonging: meditation, prayer and bhakti yoga. We also discuss the importance of community, sharing and serving.


3) Life is Prana (January/February)
Prana is another word for 'life-force'. We are dependent on air, water and food to survive. When we stay with un-healthy habits over time, whether spiritually, mentally or physically, we tend to deplete our energy.

In this workshop we focus on practices to increase energy and Vitality through hatha yoga and pranayama (breathing practices). We will also invite Jeanette Guttenberg to share her passion for nutrition and healthy food.


4) Life is Sweet + Life is Love (March/April)
Life is Sweet: Sweet is our first taste of life and according to Ayurveda the most nourishing taste. Life is Love: On a psychological level the sweet taste represents Love.
Under stress we often seek instant gratification through our senses. If we are energy/prana-deficient we seek stimulation. If we are hyperactive, we seek sedation. If the flow of prana is blocked and we are in pain, we self-medicate. This can lead to wrong use of the senses and often that we seek 'sweetness' in sugar, processed food etc.

Yoga of Recovery teaches us to acknowledge and honor our need of sweetness and how important a balanced use of our senses is to bring us more ease. In this workshop we focus on practices to increase Beauty, Sweetness and Love in our lives with Bhakti yoga and five sense therapy (Ayurveda). We will explore what we are devoted to in life and practices for-giving Love to our selves and others.


5) Life is Progress (May)
In this workshop we will support eachother to create a clear vision for how we want to live our lives and then how to establish the habits that serves us. Living a life in recovey of well-being is about care - not cure. Staying in a fit spiritual, mental and physical condition requires that we keep coming back to our practice. To our healthy habits, self-care tools and to our yoga mat and meditation space.


"Work. Keep digging your well.
Don't think about getting off from work.
Water is there somewhere.
Submit to a daily practice.
Your loyality to do that
Is a ring on the door.
Keep knocking, and the joy inside
Will eventually open a window
And look out to see who's there."
- Rumi